Ferrante’s Caramel Apple Mimosa 2 tablespoons Caramel Sauce 1 tablespoon sugar 1 tablespoon cinnamon 2 cups Apple Cider 8 ounces Ferrante’s Grand River Valley Riesling

Ingredients: 1-12oz. bag of fresh cranberries 1 cup sugar 1 tablespoon orange zest 2 tablespoons Ferrante’s Cranberry Blanc wine     Directions: Place cranberries into

Makes 6-8 glasses Ingredients: 1 bottle Ferrante’s Grand River Valley Riesling 4 oz. caramel flavored syrup 24 oz. Apple Cider Garnish Ingredients: 2 tablespoons Smucker’s

INGREDIENTS: FOR THE MEATBALLS ½ lb. lean ground turkey ½ lb. ground pork 1 cup Panko breadcrumbs 1 egg, beaten 1 teaspoon granulated garlic 1

Available During Normal Dinner Hours 11-1-19 thru 11-3-19 SPECIALTY WINE OF THE MONTH HOT TODDY Cranberry Blanc | Celebration Spice | Apple Cider | Cinnamon

Ferrante’s Cranberry Hot Toddy Ingredients: 16 ounces Ferrante’s Cranberry Blanc Wine 16 ounces Ferrante’s Celebration Spice Wine 16 ounces Apple Cider 1/8 cup of Sugar